Derek Benson


"Derek brings nearly two decades of Sales, Marketing, and Project Management Leadership to Elevation, and will be your point person as you navigate your project from start to finish. His goal is to make sure that the only stress you feel will be deciding which type of party you should plan first to show off your new space!"

Mike Zaskiewicz


"Mike is the real 'meat and potatoes' of the business, as he has been in the trades for over 15 years and Licensed for the last 12. He has an extensive portfolio of projects he's completed over the years, and will be leading the charge ensuring that your project recieves the quality care and craftsmanship it deserves!"

Chelsea LaPrairie


"Chelsea has an extensive design and merchandising background. After conquering New York City, she's gained interior design, floor planning, and merchandising experience across small boutiques all the way through major corporations. In addition to being the Designer at Elevation, she also owns LaPrairie Home - an interior design company, and is ready to bring an eclectic design aesthetic to your home!"